Exploring BSE Odisha: A Comprehensive Guide


The Board of Secondary Education, Odisha (BSE Odisha) is an autonomous body established under the Odisha Education Act. It is responsible for conducting High School Certificate (HSC) examinations, as well as the evaluation of over eight lakh answer sheets of matriculation exams. BSE Odisha focuses on improving the quality of education in the state by formulating academic policies, designing the curriculum, and developing evaluation processes. This comprehensive guide aims to provide detailed information about BSE Odisha, its functions, examination process, and other pertinent aspects.

Functions of BSE Odisha

BSE Odisha is entrusted with several crucial functions that are integral to the education system in the state. Some of the main functions of BSE Odisha include:

1. Conducting Examinations

The board conducts the annual High School Certificate (HSC) examination for Class 10 students in Odisha. This exam is crucial for students as it determines their academic progress and future opportunities.

2. Curriculum Development

BSE Odisha plays a key role in designing the curriculum for school education in the state. It ensures that the curriculum is updated regularly to meet the changing educational needs and standards.

3. Prescribing Textbooks

The board prescribes textbooks for different subjects and classes, ensuring that students have access to quality study material that aligns with the prescribed curriculum.

4. Evaluation of Answer Sheets

After the HSC examinations are conducted, BSE Odisha is responsible for evaluating over eight lakh answer sheets to ensure a fair and transparent assessment process.

5. Declaration of Results

BSE Odisha declares the results of the HSC examinations, which are eagerly awaited by students, parents, and schools. The board ensures that the results are announced in a timely manner.

Examination Process

The examination process conducted by BSE Odisha is a significant event in the academic calendar of the state. It involves several stages, from registration to result declaration. Here is an overview of the examination process:

1. Registration

Schools register their students for the HSC examination with BSE Odisha well in advance. The registration process includes providing student details, subject choices, and other necessary information.

2. Admit Card Issue

Once the registration is complete, BSE Odisha issues admit cards to the registered students. The admit card contains essential information such as the exam schedule, roll number, and exam center details.

3. Examination Conduct

The HSC examinations are conducted as per the schedule provided by BSE Odisha. Students appear for the exams in their respective exam centers under strict supervision.

4. Evaluation

After the exams are conducted, BSE Odisha initiates the evaluation process. Qualified examiners evaluate the answer sheets following the marking scheme set by the board.

5. Result Declaration

Once the evaluation process is completed, BSE Odisha declares the results of the HSC examinations. Students can check their results online on the official website of the board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the passing criteria for the HSC examination conducted by BSE Odisha?

To pass the HSC examination, students must secure a minimum of 33% marks in each subject as well as the aggregate total.

2. Can students apply for revaluation of their answer sheets after the results are declared?

Yes, students have the option to apply for revaluation of their answer sheets within a specified period after the results are announced.

3. How can students access their HSC examination results online?

Students can check their HSC examination results online on the official website of BSE Odisha by entering their roll number and other required details.

4. When is the HSC examination typically conducted by BSE Odisha?

The HSC examination in Odisha is usually conducted in the month of February or March every year.

5. Are there any provisions for supplementary exams for students who do not pass the HSC examination in the first attempt?

Yes, BSE Odisha conducts supplementary exams for students who do not pass the HSC examination in the first attempt. Students can appear for these exams to improve their results.


BSE Odisha plays a significant role in shaping the education system in the state by conducting HSC examinations, designing the curriculum, and ensuring a fair evaluation process. Students, teachers, and parents rely on the board for conducting transparent and credible examinations that act as a stepping stone for the future academic and career endeavors of the students. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the functions of BSE Odisha, the examination process, and answers to frequently asked questions that will help stakeholders navigate the education landscape in Odisha effectively.

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