The Gaming World Never Stops Surprise Us

We play games since our childhood. Games helped us to gain the skills which we are using being adults. Games help us to cope with stress and forget about daily problems. Some might even bring us adrenaline. So if you are interested in gaining adrenaline then test your luck at the Slot machines in Uganda. There are many different types of games. Everyone can find something special for themselves. We are going to share some latest news about the gaming world. 

SuperPower 3

       At the end of last week, THQ Nordic publishing house and GolemLabs studio released the SuperPower 3 geopolitical simulator. In three days, gamers managed to try out the new product and sentence it to death, literally defeating the title. Of the seven hundred reviews on Steam, only 8% are positive. And this is one of the worst, if not the worst, indicators in the history of the store.

      Gamers scold SuperPower 3 in general for everything, from the interface and graphics to a lot of bugs and very stupid AI. After such a cool reception, it’s even interesting if the developers will be able to “pull out” the game and solve all its problems. Or they will just abandon support and switch to the next title.

      Despite the abundance of graphics and a rather clumsy interface, the SuperPower franchise is considered one of the most elaborate strategies on the topic of modernity, with the meticulous simulation of all aspects of life in any of the countries.

    The developers have added 194 playable countries, dozens of scenarios, mod support, and the ability to create your own politician of any race, gender, and religion.


        Published new trailers for the urban strategy Floodland, which takes place after the global flood on Earth. The first video shows the comprehensive development of the settlement among the ruins of civilization.

      The remnants of people survive in tents, fighting for life with other communities and trying to restore infrastructure and technology.

      The second video goes into detail about the technologies that players can learn. You can choose from several areas of study in order to intelligently save science points for other inventions. Players will be able to deal not only with technology but also make laws to make life easier for people in the territories. You can become a dictator or choose democracy. Different approaches have different bonuses.

     The main task of the players is to unite the remnants of people in the flooded city. Floodland will release on November 15th for PC. A demo of the game is available on Steam.

Happy Birthday Fallout

       This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Fallout franchise. Bethesda has already said that in honor of such a solid event. Players will receive bonuses, new content in games, and various chips. You can find out about this in our material.

     Today, the company released a retrospective video dedicated to the birth of Fallout as a franchise. It was attended by the fathers of the series: Tim Kane and Leonard Boyarsky. The creators also told various facts and noted that they wanted to make a decent and atmospheric RPG in which gamers would have freedom of choice. The video also noted that humor played a big role in the franchise. Through it, a lot is served in the game, even the most terrible and cruel situations. This helped make the series less dark and depressing.

    The original Fallout came out back in 1997. The service Fallout 76 remains the last game in the series. Todd Howard has repeatedly said that Fallout 5 will be released only after Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI. That is, the wait for the new Fallout is still very, very long.

     Fallout surely conquered its place in our hearts forever. 

Keystone – Xbox Streaming Console

      This spring, the media reported that Microsoft is continuing to work on an Xbox console/dongle designed for streaming via the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service. On the evening of October 10, Phil Spencer posted a photo of his shelf that appears to contain this device.

     The little thing, codenamed Keystone, is on the topmost shelf. The console is similar in design to the Xbox Series S, but many times smaller and with some kind of connector (probably USB) on the end on the right.

    A little later, The Verge reporter Tom Warren confirmed that this is the Xbox device for streaming games via the cloud. In a Windows Central article in May, Microsoft officially confirmed that Keystone was being developed, but noted that at that time a working prototype did not meet the requirements and idea. Apparently, the corporation nevertheless came to the final decision.

     Playing with Keystone is expected to require the device itself, a controller, and an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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