14 Days To A Better Blockchain Backlink

Blockchain is the technology that powers Bitcoin. It’s important to know what it is before you can really understand the importance of a blockchain backlink for brand building. What is a blockchain backlink, then? It’s basically a link that tells search engines that your content has been published on another website on which blockchain technology has been implemented. 

Day 1: Find a trustable website to start building your backlink profile.

The best way to find a website you can trust is to find websites that are doing the same thing as you. It sounds like basic information, but it’s not — lots of people waste time building links that have nothing to do with the content they put on the web. If you want credibility, and if you want backlinks from reliable websites, then stay away from just about everything that isn’t focused on genuine information.

Day 2: Identify a good anchor text to link back to your site.

It’s really important that you choose an anchor text that’s relevant and doesn’t look spammy. Otherwise, many search engines will flag it as a typical low-quality/spammy/drug-related/whatever backlink. This is much more likely to lead to trouble than the use of a good anchor text would cause. 

Day 3: Write your article and make sure it is of high quality.

You can’t just slap any old piece of content up on the web and expect to build a link profile out of it. If your content is low-quality, nobody will link to you. In fact, if your content is low-quality, then you might as well not try to get backlinks at all! You need to ensure that the quality of your article is excellent. It should have good information and be well-written, and it should have relevance to what the reader wants when going through search engines.

Day 4: Write about something that would benefit from a blockchain backlink.

The whole reason for getting a blockchain backlink is to increase your traffic, and the best way to do that is to write about something that will benefit from increased traffic. If you’re writing about products or services, then this makes it pretty easy — just find the thing you’re writing about on Google and look at the number of results that come up. Find something more obscure (but not too obscure) and aim to make your content better.

Day 5: Use your chosen anchor text in the link at the end of your article.

By this point, you should have a well-written piece of content that’s relevant to whatever you’re planning on including in a blockchain backlink. Just make sure to use the anchor text you chose in the link (make sure it’s relevant, too!) and don’t forget to include your name at the end of the article! Find our site list here!

Day 6: Put your article on a DIFFERENT website.

Nobody will take you seriously even if you do everything else right. So, don’t just put your article on a site that has implemented blockchain technology and call it a day. Look for sites with high DA (domain authority) — sites that are well-known and well-established, preferably — and post your content on those sites as well. Remember that blockchain technology is just one factor of many when it comes to rankings; it doesn’t exist often by itself.

Day 7: Make your post as interesting as possible.

If you can do that, you’ve found a suitable target for a blockchain backlink. There’s nothing special about this step, but it’s important to remember that search engines tend to give more priority to sites with high DA than the average site (it’s easier for them to find higher quality links).

Day 8: Wait.

It’ll take time for your post and the article to show up in Google’s and other search engine results. Don’t worry too much about this; just keep building and don’t worry about whether or not you’re getting useful backlinks.

Day 9: Repeat!

If your article and your post (and all the other content you’re working on) are of high quality, then it’ll take time for them to show up in search engine results — but it will still show up. And, when it does, there’s a chance that search engines will give more priority to the backlinks coming from the blockchain-powered sites.

Day 10: Check your backlink profile.

If you’ve done everything right, there will be a good number of blockchain backlinks for link building coming from your name. If there’s one thing to remember after getting these backlinks, it’s that they’re not going to make or break you — but they can certainly help you out!

Day 11: Keep building!

Once you’ve started building your link profile, keep building it! Don’t stop at just a few additional links and expect the entire thing to work for you; keep building, and keep improving it over time so that search engines know that you’re the real deal.

Day 12: Keep working and keep learning more.

There’s a lot to know when it comes to getting backlinks, but if you keep learning about them, search engines will know that you’re serious about what you’re doing. If built correctly, your sites should rank well in Google or Bing even without the use of this strategy.

Day 13: Keep building and keep improving!

If you did everything right and kept working and improving at your websites, then there’s a good chance that they’ll rank well and bring in traffic on their own. At the same time, you’ll have a nice bit of content to work with.

Day 14: Repeat!

Don’t stop at just a few additional links and expect the entire thing to work for your NFT; keep building, and keep improving it over time.

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