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The Philadelphia Phillies are the first team to break the NCAA record for most consecutive wins in an all-star game. The previous record was set in 1995, and the Phillies won their second consecutive all-star game.

The Phillies are also the second team to win back-to-back all-star games. They did so in 1995 and 1996, the latter of which was dubbed the “Game of the Century.” It was also the first game that the Phillies won in the playoffs.

I know that many people are skeptical of the concept of all-star games, but these two all-star games are an indication of the growth of the Major League Baseball landscape. Major League Baseball is growing at a rate that rivals the growth of the NBA. It’s a big reason why baseball is the largest sport in the world.

So when you talk about all-star games, you’re talking about the best players in the league playing in the game. These games are the way fans are able to watch them play because they’re usually televised on ESPN. And, as of this writing, the Phillies have won both of the all-star games in the last two years, and in 2014 the Phils won both of them.

Well, it’s also a way to watch the best players in the league play without ever ever having to leave the comfort of your couch. Because you dont have to worry about getting caught because theyre always streaming on your device of choice or on the internet. In fact, it’s a real pleasure just to see how far you can push the sport.

The best part about seeing how far you can push the sport for the sake of watching a good game is that it makes you feel like youre making yourself better. A lot of people are going to be talking about the fact that the Phils have won two all-star games in the last two years. It doesnt matter how good you are, youre still going to get noticed and people are going to want to see how far you can push the sport.

Well, that would be the whole point of all the all-star games. The Phils were doing so well that people were going to take notice of them, but that didn’t necessarily mean they were going to win. The point of an all-star game is to try to create a spectacle.

They are doing so well that people are taking notice. They have won two all-star games in the last two years, which is a pretty impressive stat for any team. In fact, it’s one that even some of their rivals are taking notice of. It shows that the Phils dont know how to lose, they can be a very aggressive team when they play their normal games, and they can bring their regular starters out of the lineup when they need to.

This is a fun fact, but it kind of just goes against what I said earlier. It shows how a team with a roster full of stars is a team that can win. It’s something that every team in the leagues has to work on, and is one of the biggest challenges pitchers face.

I think the one thing that is pretty obvious to most of the fans is that Phils can be very aggressive when they are on the field. They can take the ball to the ground to go for 4-3 baserunners, and often they do that. They have that going for them, and because they have such a high number of regulars in their lineup, they can often dominate games.

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