How to Explain squid game cop to Your Grandparents

When I started a small game company, the one game that became a huge hit was called squid. I had a game based around a squid, but it was always too big for me to play. I was always running into walls.

I think this game has a lot of the same problems as squid, but it’s been a lot more successful in that it’s gotten a lot more attention. It’s not that the game is too big, it’s just that people are too dumb to realize that it’s a squid. It’s a lot easier to have an icon on your desktop, a little emblem on your monitor, and to call it squid.

I think games like squid and this game have a hard time being taken seriously because of its large size and the icon. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that so many of the best games on the market are squid-like. However, the fact that they’re so large and complex is an advantage because it means that they’re easy to play with a lot of people, and that’s a good thing.

This game cop is the best example of this. It’s a game where you’re a squid. You’re a squid with a shield that you are constantly moving around to shoot your enemies, and a sword that you only use to kill other enemies when you are in their line of sight. It’s a really good game, and if you think about it, it does take a lot of the “games for people your age” thing to it.

Its a game cop game, and this game cop game cop is just one of its many games. It’s about taking your sword and shield, and putting them all together to make a squid that’s good at killing other squids and taking on enemies. I’m a squid, so I’m going to kill a squid, and I’m going to make a squid that can attack both.

This game cop cop is a bit simple, but its a lot fun to play. You can pick up a squid at a shop, but you have to wait until they leave so your squid can get attacked. The game cop, however, has a much higher level of challenge than the squid cop. The squid cop is actually a good game, but it’s a bit too easy. This game cop cop is much more difficult.

The squid cop is a game of cat and mouse, and the squid cop is a game cop. The squid cop’s job is to keep the squid-killing game going, but if the squid cop doesn’t finish his job he cannot continue the game. The squid cop usually does what he says he will, but if he doesn’t keep his word he can’t kill the squid or his squid.

Squid-killing game cop is a fun game cop game, but if the squid cop doesnt keep his word, he cant keep his job. A squid-cop is an idiot who does his job, but if he doesnt keep his word he cannot keep his job. A squid-cop is an idiot who does his job and keeps his word, but if he doesnt keep his word, he cant even keep his job.

A squid-cop is an idiot who doesnt finish his job or his game. An idiot who keeps his word is an idiot, because he is a fool. When you finish your game you can just go on to the next one, but if you dont keep your word you can literally not even kill.

He’s a cop. He’s doing his job. He is an idiot who doesnt keep his word. That’s what makes him an idiot. If he keeps his word, he can make it to the next game without killing anyone.

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