most points in nba finals game

The most points your team scored was the fourth quarter of the NBA finals? That’s the most points a team scored by any team in the playoffs.

The NBA finals is a very high scoring event. The fourth quarter makes up a lot of the game in terms of points. The NBA finals is generally when teams can finally score 40-40-40. As we saw in the finals, games are decided by a late-game basket or a free throw, but the fourth quarter is a game that goes on forever.

Thats true. Anyways, we’ve seen this before in the finals. The third quarter of the NBA finals was the point where teams are closest to getting a shot off. The fourth quarter is when you’re closest to getting an offensive rebound. As anyone knows who knows basketball, there is a huge difference between scoring points in the first quarter and points in the fourth quarter. The NBA finals is a great time to watch basketball.

I have to admit, I was pretty stoked to see the fourth quarter get a real chance of being a game. Since the NBA’s finals is a best of three series, the fourth quarter usually ends in a deadlock. So when you see the fourth quarter get a shot at the point, you know that youre going to get a chance at a rebound.

You see, the game is basically a series of games decided by who scores the most points. The games themselves are almost always great, but the fourth quarter is a good time to have a few laughs and a bit of a laugh at the absurdity.

So the fourth quarter of the NBAs is a game. Or at least a close call. Since the fourth quarter lasts for only one half of the game, the two teams in the fourth quarter can only play each other once. The clock is counting down to the point when one team must score to win, and the clock then resets itself to the start of the next quarter.

Because the fourth quarter is usually played in a smaller arena, the game is generally played with a lot of small details and distractions that don’t happen in the regular season. It’s also worth mentioning that the game can be played in two halves at once, as well as overtime. In the first half, it’s a close call, but the second half is what we’re talking about.

This new “game” in my opinion is pretty much a form of the traditional basketball, only it is played with a series of quick-action points during a certain time period. That time period is usually the fourth quarter, or during the last period of the game, when the buzzer is not yet sounded.

If you’ve watched the regular season, the regular season is basically half of the playoffs. Its the last half of the regular season that we are talking about, before the playoffs start. If you’re wondering how it works, its the process of teams making their way to the playoffs in order to play the best teams on the team in the playoffs. The winner of the regular season is also the champion of the playoffs.

The NBA finals are the best series in basketball, the only one where the winner of the regular season is the champion of the playoffs. It’s not exactly the most exciting game, but it’s the best you’ll probably see this year. There is of course a lot of drama, but in the end the winner is the one that wins the game.

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